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Finding Our Place.

“What does God want me to do with my life?”

For teenagers, there are so many distractions, bad influences, and negativity that gets in the way of answering that question. And if we don’t address that question during our teenage years, we aren’t going to know what to do with our lives once we reach adulthood.

Everyone at Eastside believes this is such an important and formative time in a person’s life, and our Student Ministry hopes to come alongside each student (and their family) and help them find their place in God’s story.

The purpose of Eastside Students is to help 6th-12th grade students find their place within the story of God. 

We do this by:

-Teaching students who God is and what following Him looks like
-Guiding students through mentoring and support from a community of believers
-Challenging students to engage their world with their faith

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Middle School

Sundays @ 11am

Middle School is weird. Some of us are just now big enough for the front seat of the car. Some of us are getting recruited to play college football. At Eastside, we love all of our Middle School students, no matter where they are in life right now. Come join us on Sunday mornings and experience an environment designed to welcome and encourage the middle schoolers in your life.

High School

Tuesdays @ 7pm

Between CIY Events, Retreats, hanging out after school, or whenever life happens and we need to be there, Eastside loves being involved in our High School student's lives. We want the High Schoolers you love to come and be a part of this. Come join us on Tuesday nights at 7! We'd love to meet you and get to know you more.

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