Jesus offered people a simple invitation, “Follow me”. It was an invitation to watch the way he related to people, to hear what was important to Him and to discover what a relationship with God really looked like. That’s what we want for you … to experience a real, relevant relationship with Jesus. We would like to offer you some simple steps that you can take that will help you begin to experience that relationship. Click on one of our next steps below and let us help you get started with experiencing a relationship with Jesus.

Starting Point

Starting Point is a one-hour experience designed to introduce you to Eastside and help you take the next step in connecting, serving and discovering your place in God’s story. Starting Point takes place every five or six weeks during the 11 am service. Please check out the events page for the date and time of the next Starting Point class! Want to take another step? Click on one of our next steps below. Serve Discover Connect


Jesus said that He did not come “to be served, but to serve”. His heart was that of a servant and His goal was for us to develop a similar heart … to learn to love others they way He loves us. We have a variety of opportunities where you can practice serving … here At Eastside, Locally and Globally. You can also click here to take your next step into serving. Want to take another step? Click on one…


We believe that following Jesus can influence every aspect of your life. We want to help you discover how His life and His words can impact your family, your work, your finances, your future and ultimately your heart. Throughout the year, we offer something we call Discover Opps. These short-term experiences are designed to help you discover this influence and begin to express it in your life. You can find all of our current Discover Opps here. Want to take…


We believe that relationships are an important part of experiencing, and ultimately expressing, a relevant relationship with Jesus … mainly because that was the model Jesus used. He not only invited people to follow Him, He invited them into a relationship. We would like to help you get connected to something we call a Life Group, a group of people that experience life together while learning how to experience and express this relationship with Jesus. You can also find out…