Dick Hess

Dick Hess

My career has been varied-Marine for 20 years, Chick-fil-A owner for 5 years, 8 years at Cincinnati Christian University and 12 years at Financial Planning Ministry. However, my first love over all those years has been serving in the Church. And after retiring in 2016, I now “Get To” be in full-time ministry. WOW!

Jenanne and I were married in this church in 1975 when it was “Mulberry”. We are blessed now to be able to do ministry together. I first moved to Milford in 1959 when my parents built a house on a small parcel of my Grandpa’s farm. It is wonderful to be back in the town I love and in a Church that exists to serve our community. Both of our children were able to graduate here just like we did and our 4 grandchildren live real close.

We love spending time with them and I enjoy fishing, reading, sports and travel. My real passion is helping people get out of debt and teaching about stewardship and other topics. I like to say that I’m out of debt twice-no earthly debts and I don’t have the eternal debt I never could have paid myself.

Please seek me out if you have questions about anything or you would just like to have a conversation with someone.

Discipleship Pastor
Jeff Ginn
Lead Pastor
Jason Rehmel